Rewards from The Mines

Each area within The Mines is meticulously designed to offer different rewards, allowing miners to choose their preferred section based on the anticipated return. This system is not just about mining; it's about making strategic choices that align with your goals and the amount of time you're willing to invest. While one of these areas allows miners to yield pure EMRLD, the essence of patience is tested, as it requires a longer commitment.

The commitment to The Mines is rewarded progressively; the longer you stay, the more EMRLD you accumulate, with the chosen section significantly impacting the extent of your rewards. However, miners are cautioned: the deeper you venture into the heart of The Mines, the longer and more challenging it becomes to return to the surface, a metaphorical journey that mirrors the increasing difficulty and potential rewards of deeper engagement.

  • Diamond Ore: Sought by many as the gateway to wealth, this ore is the main target for miners, offering a swift return within 7 days. It symbolizes the balance between effort and reward, providing a generous amount of EMRLD upon conversion, enticing miners with its promise of quick gains.

  • Ancient Debris: Hidden in the depths of the Nether section, this ore stands as a testament to rarity and value, drawing those willing to brave the depths for extended periods. With a 14-day commitment required to emerge, the venture is rewarded with rewards that justify the wait, embodying the essence of high risk for high return.

  • Emerald Ore: The pinnacle of mining within The Mines, this section offers the purest EMRLD, demanding the utmost patience and dedication with a 28-day mining period. It's here that the concept of 'the longer you stay, the more you earn' is most tangible, rewarding miners with a significant fortune, a testament to their perseverance and hard work.

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